Recruiting picks up for Williams

Although 6-foot-1, 180-pound Los Angeles (Calif.) Dorsey wide receiver David Williams recently secured his first scholarship offer from the Pac-12, he isn't any closer to choosing a college.
"Every school is even right now," Williams said. "I'm still trying to weigh out my options and take all of my visits before I make a decision."
He admits he's mostly focussed on programs that have all ready extended a scholarship offer.
"I'm basically considering all of the schools that have offered me already. I want to make sure to thoroughly evaluate schools that have offered me before I look at ones that haven't. If other schools come into the equation and offer, I'll consider them. I'll look into their football program, check out the background of the school, and make sure the academics are there. I just want to look into all of my options to make sure I pick the right school for me."
While he plans to go through a meticulous process before picking that perfect school, the three star athlete all ready has two or three official visits in mind.
"I know for a fact that I'm going to take an official visit to Yale and one to Hawaii," Williams said. "I know I'll visit Colorado, probably in July, but I don't know if it'll be an official visit or not. I don't really know the schools that I'm going to visit outside of those three."
Some of the visits he's still considering are to schools that haven't offered. Despite the fact that they haven't offered, those schools are trying to establish a strong relationship with the Dorsey high star.
"Arizona State, Boise State, Cal, and San Jose State are all recruiting me really hard. I'm considering visits to those schools because, even though they haven't offered, they're on me so heavily. I actually visited Cal for their camp on June 9th. I took a tour of the campus and I liked it a lot. I feel very comfortable with that coaching staff and I love their campus and facilities."
Williams also has a good impression of a program about three hours south of Berkley.
"I like the Bulldogs. I don't really know too much about them, but I've watched them on TV a lot. I really like how their offense has a nice pace to it and I love their intensity on defense as well. They have a nice program."
He would interested in the Bulldogs if he felt coaching staff needed him.
"I've been talking with Fresno State a little bit, mostly with their wide receiver coach (Ron Antoine) and coach (Joey) Boese, but they aren't really recruiting me that hard," Williams said. "If they were interested in me, I would definitely be interested in them."
If a relationship is established, the three star receiver could see himself visiting the Central Valley.
"Fresno State is really close so I could definitely see myself taking a visit to their campus. If I stay in contact with the coaching staff and build a strong relationship, I would strongly consider them."
The Bulldogs and other programs that haven't offered Williams still have a bit of time. He plans to focus on his final high school season and make a commitment shortly after it's conclusion.
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