June 28, 2011

Tech standing out to 2013 LB

Missouri City (Texas) Fort Bend Marshall outside linebacker Deon Hollins Jr. has been making the rounds this summer to get a feel for a few of the programs that have shown him interest so far. Texas Tech was included in that group and has made quite the impression on the 2013 prospect and his family.

"There are most definitely programs beginning to somewhat separate themselves now and Texas Tech is one of them. Deon loves Tech," his father, Deon Hollins Sr. said. "Coach Chad Scott has made such an impression on he and I alike. Coach Tommy Tuberville really couldn't have found a better guy to recruit his athletes. There's just no lying in the guy. You go through this process and you talk to recruiters and they're always trying to promise you the world. Coach Scott has been straight up with us."

Mr. Hollins has even had other parents reference Coach Scott's candor previously.

"I had an individual that had actually approached me about Coach Scott. He had been recruiting this guy's son and he said that Coach Scott was the realest guy out of all of the recruiters that he had spent time with. He told me that Coach Scott was the one guy that stood out the most while his son was going through this process," Hollins said. "At that time, I didn't even let on that Coach Scott had been talking to Deon as well. I just made a note and it stuck in my mind like glue. I think I'm a pretty good judge of character myself and that was just basically confirmation to me on what I already thought I knew Coach Scott to be."

"So I really like him, and every time I talk to Deon he says the same thing. He really enjoys the relationship he has with Coach Scott."

The 6-foot-2, 215-pounder has one more camp visit scheduled, which will likely be his last of the summer.

"Next month we're going to a Texas A&M camp and we've been talking with them quite a bit. I've also talked some recently with Coach Venables from Oklahoma. He's wanting us to come up and check out their facilities and whatnot. That's pretty much it for the rest of the summer," Hollins Sr. said. "Deon has been working so hard to prepare for next season that his time is getting a little tighter now. He's probably going to hit the A&M camp and that will probably be it for this time around. Two-a-days start on August 8th and that time will be here before you know it."

Apparently Coach Scott is not the only one on staff who has made an impression on the Hollins family.

"Of course, I've been around longer than my son has and what sticks out to me first with Tech is the track record of Coach Tuberville. I think about his days at the University of Miami and Auburn, and the success he had there. I've been following him for quite some time and with his history, you've got to know that Tech is on the way up with him in charge," Hollins Sr. said. "Another guy that stands out with their staff is Coach Chad Glasgow. Oh my goodness, that guy is in it to win it. He's got a gameplan and he's fired up about it. I really liked the energy we got from him and Deon did too."

"I've talked with [Glasgow] a couple of times when he's been down to Marshall and I talked to him during the Tech camp. He's a great guy. I definitely got a good feeling from him and he seemed like a genuine guy. You know he'll get after his athletes, but he's always got their best interests at heart. His track record with TCU's defense is an impeccable one as well."

Hollins' father listed Tech, Oklahoma, and A&M as the schools the 2013 prospect is currently hearing from the most.

"I'd say Tech definitely stands out, along with Texas A&M, Oklahoma, and Alabama at this point," Hollins Sr. said. "You look at the fact that Tech gave Deon his first offer and I think that will definitely play a part in the relationship down the road. They've also got Ryan Flannigan with them now, as well as 'Dre (DeAndre Washington), so there are a lot of connections there. I mean, Ryan had offers from some really great places and for him to choose Tech out of all of them really says something to Deon and I about what they've got going on there."

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